Mark’s Garden Project

This spring I went all in on the vegetable garden. I thought about what crops we eat, bought a grow light, and tried to figure out how to grow as much food as possible.

I found it surprisingly difficult. Google search seems to favor garden sites that look great in the search results but then make you scroll and scroll (and see ad after ad) to find the information that Google listed.

There are some exceptions. The new Cornell home gardening site is fantastic. The Burpee Growing Calender is also great. But, overall it was a frustrating process.

I wonder ... is there a need for new gardening site? Are there others out there that would like a site where you learn from other gardeners about how to grow more food for your friends and family?

I'll be using this site to explore this question.


For now, this site is my notes as I work through exercises in Software Engineering for Internet Applications, but comments are most welcome—you can send me an email by clicking on my name at the footer of each page.

  1. Chapter 1: Basics
    1. Exercise 1: Finding your place in the world (this page).
    2. Exercise 2: Your first program
    3. Exercise 2a: Your first crash
    4. Exercise 3: Processing Forms
    5. Exercise 3a: Viewing source (bad mime-type)
    6. Exercise 4: Aggregating data from other sites
  2. Chapter 2: Planning
-- Mark Bucciarelli, March 24, 2021