Mark’s Dev Server

Once upon a time, nearly 30 years ago, Philip Greenspun began writing the software that ran (1993). That software turned into the ArsDigita Community System, designed and built in Cambridge, MA.

Around the same time and in the same area, The Free Software Foundation was releasing version two of the General Public License (1991). A few years later, Paul Graham was also in Cambridge, MA launching ViaWeb with six stores (1996).

Sometime before 2001, had over 76,000 members and was logging over 10M hits/month. I’m going to use this space to see if I can translate the code of the ArsDigita Community System (TCL, AOL server, and Oracle) to go and SQLite.

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  1. Chapter 1: Basics
    1. Exercise 1: Finding your place in the world (this page).
    2. Exercise 2: Your first program
    3. Exercise 2a: Your first crash
    4. Exercise 3: Processing Forms
    5. Exercise 3a: Viewing source (bad mime-type)
-- Mark Bucciarelli, March 24, 2021